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Self-portrait by Katrīne Rožukalne, embroidered transforming fake Internet data into a color algorithm.

Photos from the opening >>> (Flickr)

Can we influence the Internet content that regards us, if we knowingly avoid using various social platforms? Are we able to grasp the incomprehensible speed of the interchange of information? Can we escape the Internet? In the exhibition “Digital Compost” that will take place at the RIXC gallery from 30th of June till 18th of August, the young artists – Katrīne Rožukalne, Gustavs Lociks and Paula Dille – will reflect on the views, widespread throughout the Internet, about individual’s right to choose.

The interactive installation by Katrīne Rožukalne, the title of which “Digital Compost” is also the title of the exhibition, raises the issue about the lack of discretion to control one’s own content on digital media. The artist believes that in fact, in these conditions information about the individual is much more freely subjected to various speculations and interpretations. According to the artist herself:
“The Internet, becoming an extension of modern individual’s consciousness, has created the illusion of infinite information space, existing in immaterial dimension similar to a black hole. In fact, this volume of information uploaded and stored online takes up physical space and consumes an incredible amount of energy, which can have negative influence not only regarding ecosystem, but also potential employer or even a future spouse.”
Katrīne Rožukalne’s work will also offer visitors to create their own self-portraits from the web data about themselves as well as to think about the seriousness or unseriousness of the Internet and information.

Screenshot from the video poem “You can't imagine what will happen next!” by Paula Dille

The idea of “Digital Compost” is considered from another aspect by Paula Dille, who in her video poem “You can't imagine what will happen next!” invites us to reflect on the Internet as an integral part of our lives and our carelessness to engage in it.

Screenshot from video work “Spectating the Groundhog Day” by Gustavs Lociks

Whereas Gustavs Lociks has created a video story “Spectating the Groundhog Day”, which takes the viewer to virtual utopia – a planet where information exchanges and “approaches” at an elusive speed.

Screenshot from virtual reality work by Māris Dejus

The exhibition at the RIXC gallery will be complemented as usual by the Virtual Reality and Immersive Art Program, where the young artist Māris Dejus invites to an audiovisual journey, allowing the visitor to virtually “enter” the poem “At Some Port City” by Artis Ostups.
Katrīne Rožukalne has studied at Liepaja University in the New Media Art program and has completed master's studies in the Visual Communications Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. Gustavs Lociks, Paula Dille and Māris Dejus have graduated from the New Media Art program at Liepaja University this year.

The opening of the exhibition “Digital Compost” and the new VR program will take place on 29th of June, 5 pm. The exhibition will run until the 18th of August at the RIXC gallery, 2 Lenču Street, Riga, Latvia.

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