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Here is also available the most recent Festival and conference programme (7.09.2018), but for all the updates - please follow the website info!


Open Fields 2018: Global Control

The 3d International Conference on Art, Science, Technologies and Humanities
September 13-15, 2018, Riga, Latvia
The National Library of Latvia


Thursday, September 13


10.00 - press conference and curators' guided tour through the exhibition


15.00 - Registration and Coffee



Bruce STERLING. Multicolor Revolutions

Jens HAUSER. Ungreening Greenness

Bernhard SEREXHE. Total control: towards a new humanity



19.30 – Curators' guided tour through the exhibition

Friday, September 14


9.00 - Registration and Coffee


Maciej OŻÓG. Media art as a critical analysis of surveillance in hybrid space. /

Pablo De Soto. From the Sputnik to the Stack: Radical Cartography in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism /

Kathryn BLAIR. Logical Conclusion: Analog Methods for Exploring Algocracy /

Varvara GULJAJEVA. The age of surveillance capitalism and dataveillance /

Conor MCGARRIGLE. The Data Pharmakon /

Ariana DONGUS. The Camp as Labo(u)ratory /

Waiwai/Hiuwai CHAN. Crafting images forElectoral Campaign with Artificial Intelligence /

Pascal Glissmann. The Phaistos Project — Forty-five Symbols /

Monica Tolia. Technologies of Lived Abstraction: Future Present


11.15 - 13.00 – Panel B1. HYPERCONTROL AND PRIVACY

Colette TRON. Toward An « Art Of Hypercontrol » ? /

Raivo KELOMEES. Privacy Experiments In Public And Artistic Spaces /

Cultura Plasmic Inc. Personality As Artwork: The Personal Is Political In Online Surveillance Culture /

Vincenzo SANSONE. The Cultural And Artistic Goals Of Urban Screens And Media Facades: The Betrayed Promises /
Mitch Goodwin. Mechanised Ecologies - The Atmospherics Of Automation And Emergent Systems Of Control /
Elke Reinhuber. Shadow Reflex – And What Comes /


13.00-14.15 – Lunch and guided tour through the exhibition, by the exhibition curators.


14.15–15.45 – Panel C1. POST-HUMAN AND AI

Jakub PALM. Artilect-Driven Nanotechnology Against Egalitarianism? /

Aarti Sunder. pH Limited (A Public Private partnership) and An Obituary for a Sunset /

Violeta Vojvodic Balaz. AI and Virtual Well-being /

Niels Bonde. Facial Recognition /

Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme. The Savage Mind /

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay. Post-immersion: Towards a Discursive Situation in AR/VR




Jasmina TESANOVIC. The Internet of Women Things /

Ellen PEARLMAN. Biometrics and Total Control /

Mauro MARTINO. Fragile AI: Visualizing perturbations of Artificial Neural Network


19.00 – Dinner with Curators, tickets – 25 EUR (will be available at the registration desk.

Restaurant TINTO, Elizabetes iela 61


19.00 – 22.00 Performance program and DJs
Tallinas iela Creative Quartier.


Saturday, September 15


9.00 - Coffee


10.00-11.00 - Panel A – AI IN ARTISTIC RESEARCH

Kristin BERGAUST, Stephanie HOEBEKE, Haakon Haraldsen ROEN, Stefano NICHELE, Benjamin BOCQUILLON, Heidi DAHLSVEEN, Henrik LIENG.

The convergence of art and artificial intelligence at OsloMet.


11.15 - 12.30 Panel B. POST-IMMERSION, VR AND EMPATHY,

Ilva Skulte, Normunds Kozlovs. Technopoetical elements of media constructed reality: age of algorithmic imagination /

Martyna BIKULČIŪTĖ. Consciousness: Reality and virtual reality fictions /

Dani Ploeger. Frontline /

Tivon Rice. The Voices of Nandimul X /

Karolina MAJEWSKA. VR is an empathy switch.


12.45 – 14,00 Panel C. AUGMENTED ECOLOGIES

Bianca Hlywa. Untitled as for now /

Marc DaCosta. Making Sense of the Ether /

Jade Boyd. Wave-lengths Hitherto Undetected /

Jasmine Guffond. The Web Never Forgets /

Oksana Chepelyk. Virtual and Natural, Global Data and Local Ecosystem: Ukrainian Case Study. /

The Miha Artnak. Fake Good News /

MOON Martina Zelenika. A secret way of communication: The perfect language that the global control system can not control


14.00-15.00 - Lunch


15.00 - SWAMP RADIO. bus trip to Kemeri bog and curator's guided tour through the sound installations in the swamp. Ticket to the bus - 5 EUR (for registred conference participants - free admissions, but places are limited, please book your place in registration desk).


21.00 - Brickbar, RIBOCA

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