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Liva Silina represents RIXC at the networking meeting with the SOTAN network partners at Vasikkaluoto island / Helsinki in Finland from June 19-22, 2023! Delighted for the opportunity to take part in this gathering and the wonderful discussions and workshops! Looking forward to the Book Launch: State of the Art – Elements for Critical Thinking and Doing featuring also a contribution by RIXC!


10.00: Archetype Panel Discussion, hosted by Hege Tapio// Vasikkaluoto
13.30: trip to Vartiosaari; guided tour
15.30:  Midsummer Listening with Line Thastum // Vartiosaari 
18:00: live music performance; MC Zen & Urbaani Unelma // Vasikkaluoto
20.30: Sharing experiences from the Midsummer Listening// Vasikkaluoto 

9.00 SOTAN wrap-up session // Vasikkaluoto
11.30 settling over to SOLU
13:00 Networking in the Margins // Panimokatu 1, SOLU
16:00 Visit in Galleria Huuto


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+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)