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The 5th International Renewable Futures Conference and Deep Europe Symposium
October 6 – 8, 2022, Riga (Hybrid and Virtual)

The SPLINTERED REALITIES Conference will be structured into a three-day program, with each “Splinter Session” focusing on a different area or field, identifying the key “splinters” and discussing how to make tentative steps towards reconstituting our realities, everyday lives, and communication with each other, now and into the future. 

Day 2. Friday, October 7, 11.00-21.10
Splinter Session 02: Naturecultures – “how to live in the damaged world” 

11:00–17:40 “Naturecultures” – the thematic session of Day 2 features presentations by newly founded NAIA – Naturally Artificial Intelligence Art center, including its key founders Anett Holzheid, Eva-Maria Lopez, Daria Mille, Rasa Smite, who will also moderate the discussion with 20 online presenters in 4 parallel sessions, examining eco-feminist practices and theories and other new “ecosophies” based on “learning from nature” and “how to live on the damaged Earth”...
18.30 –21:10 Screening Session (online and onsite – at the RIXC gallery).

[Splinter Session 02: Naturecultures] on Day 2 (Fri 7 Oct)  “how to live in the damaged world” – will examine eco-feminist perspectives and other new ecosophies, learning from nature and our relations with it, in a search of new cultural theories and art practices that contribute towards goals of socio-ecological justice.

Day 2 will be hosted by the new Karlsruhe based association – NAIA (Naturally Artificial Intelligence Art association), featuring presentations by Karlsruhe UNESCO Media Art city artists.
Session 02 curators and co-chairs: Anett Holzheid, Eva-Maria Lopez, Daria Mille / NAIA
Topics: NatureCultures, Eco-feminism, More-than-Human, Socio-Ecological Justice, Naturally/Artificial Intelligences…


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