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On the eve of the RIXC Art Science Festival – on the 28th of September at 18.00 – the "Turnton, a small city on the sea" exhibition by Time's Up artists will open at the RIXC Gallery.

Through a process of scenario planning based upon futures processes and the current state of the oceans, artists have developed a model for a small town that has been transformed through this development to become an example of what a possible future might be like. The future is informed by the question of sustainability on all levels, from workers, communities, education and culture to raw materials, ecosystems and climate. This town is blessed with innovative seaweed farmers de-toxing the water with kelp and other seaweed beds, plastic fishers and jellyfish collectors, a small trading harbour visited by the coastal traders and cross Atlantic travellers as well as the best Medusozoa chef on the continent.

Time's Up is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1996 in Linz Austria, to investigate the possibilities of haptic interactive human scale situations. As a laboratory for the composition of experimental situations, Time's Up creates narrative spaces, especially in the context of constructing models of possible futures and building physical narratives that explore contemporary sociopolitical issues.

The exhibition takes place in the framework of the Changing Weathers project supported by EU Program Creative Europe.


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