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In Botanical garden of Latvian University, RIXC's art project “Pound battery”, was taking place since summer 2014 to spring 2015. This art project is studying electricity creation process by bacteria, making it visible and hearable. Open-air object consists of six “bacteria batterie” cells, which were installed at LU Botanical garden. 

Pound batterie” is long term art object, which is based on art and science collaborative researches. At the same time it is innovative “bacteria battery” technology science experiment, in a research of which the RIXC artists for many years now are collaborating with biologist Arturs Gruduls and other LU Institute of Solid State Physics. Unique art and science experiment “Pound battery” in LU Botanical garden will work until first frosts, but it is hoping to await spring as well. Picture and data flow can be seen in realtime from, but work has sustained character as well. All data will be saved, to later use them in RIXC exhibition, when new video, realtime visualizations and new sound compositions will be presented.


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