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New media art is a relatively recent phenomenon, emerging at the end of the 20th century at the confluence of two parallel lines of historical development - contemporary art and modern technology.In the 1990s, the internet emerged, inspiring artists to experiment and search for new art forms. The World Wide Web and digital technologies become simultaneously a medium and a virtual space for creating, exhibiting and preserving artworks.

The book is a study of the emergence and development of new media art in Latvia and the problems of preserving and exhibiting digitally created art, analysing it in the broader context of contemporary culture and international digital art.

The study also describes and analyses artworks from the curated exhibitions "We are in the network." (2010) and "Save As" (2013), which show early internet experiments by well-known Latvian artists and works by international pioneers of net art in their restored and reinterpreted versions.

Raitis Šmits is a new media artist and network art pioneer in Latvia, founder of the RIXC Center for New Media Culture in Riga, associate professor at the Art Academy of Latvia and guest lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.


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