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KISSING DATA by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat
audio in collaboration with sound artist Tijs Ham

Can an intimate kiss be translated into neuro-feedback data?
Kissing Data, together with the public, investigates experiences of social solidarity, trust and intimacy mediated by Multi Brain Computer Interfaces (Multi BCI). Multi BCI is new neurofeedback technology that measures brain activity of multiple users at the same time. This enables research and design of shared affective experiences, communication processes and group behavior. Current research focuses on automation, efficiency, interpretation and predicting of data. But what are the consequences of Multi BCIs for empathetic processes in which intimacy, trust and shared responsibility play a role?
Kissing Data is a poetic Multi BCI for critical reflection and dialogue based on intimate co-creation, for future ethical design issues. The central question is: 'How does your kiss feel in EEG data?' This Multi BCI measures the brain activity of people who are kissing and of spectators around them. Kissing people and spectators meet in a real-time, shared immersive data visualization, translated by an algorithm to a soundscape: a 'Kissing Data Symphony’.

The work is developed at RIXC within the framework of EMAP / EMARE and co-funded by Creative Europe.



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